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The Lumbar MRI in Clinical Practice: 

A Survey of Lumbar MRI for Musculoskeletal Clinicians

William E. Morgan

Book Description

Length: 413 pages

Images: 804

Publication Date: August 30, 2013

eBook Format:  PDF


The Lumbar MRI in Clinical Practice is written for the busy practitioner.  It combines  easy to understand schematics, illustrations and explanations with an exhaustive gallery of lumbar MRIs. This book will quickly immerse the reader with practical applications. 


This book is the perfect companion for any specialist or resident who treats the lumbar spine:

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists
Physical Therapists
Team Physicians
With over 800 images this 413 page book is a practical tool for learning how to understand lumbar MRI interpretation.

You will not get lost in the details with this manual, it does not delve deeply into the details of MRI physics, but it does tell you what you  need to look for on a lumbar MRI to make a difference in your patient’s care.



Customer Reviews





"Your new book is a fantastic review of all the important details involved with interpreting and applying lumbar MRI findings.  This knowledge makes a true difference in clinical practice and has made me into an authority of spinal care in my local community.  Thank you for the great book." 


Dr. Chris Feil

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