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Doctor Morgan has completed his latest book: The Lumbar MRI in Clinical Practice


Dr Morgan has written a monthly column in the American Chiropractic News since 2005.




Clinicians Corner, the writings of Dr. Morgan

Phantom Limb Pain

Caring for Patients with Amputations (Part one of a series)

Caring for Patients with Amputations (Part two of a series)

Clinical Articles

Manipulation Activates the Muscles of the Core

Case Completion is the Goal

Obesity as a Result of Metabolic Disease: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Tarlovs Cysts (pernineural cysts)

Managing the Frozen Shoulder

Time Management The Ultimate Wellness Tool

Obesity Management and Chiropractic

Statins in our Drinking Water?

Tendon Rupture Related to Antibiotic use

Does Piriformis Syndrome Exist?

Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, Chiropractic Red Flag?

Barefoot Running

Unintended Consequences of Reporting Findings

30 is the New 45

Time is Tissue


Epidural Steroid Injections

Modic Classifications and Vertebral Morphology

Functional Symmetry through Asymmetrical Training

Lumbo-Pelvic Series

Part 1: Maigne's Syndrome

Part 2: Cluneal Nerve

Part 3: Meralgia Paresthetica

Part 4: Sacrotuberous Ligament and the Pudendal Nerve

Hospital-Based Chiropractic

Hospital Chiropractic: A Win-Win Scenario

Charting and Peer Review

Building a Blameless Culture in an Integrated Clinic

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Pain Clinic

Hospital Credentialing and Privileging

Hospital Governance: Who is in charge of this place?

The Joint Commission Recognizes Chiropractors as Physicians


Hippocrates on Ethical Practice Management

Building Bridges Through Benevolence

Is Chiropractic a Profession or a Modality?

Case Completion is the Goal

Informed Consent: The Ceremony

Integrated Care

Occam's Razor

Fine Wine or Sour Milk

Patient Empowerment

The Case Manager

The Dangers of Groupthink

Pride and Prejudice

Integrative Schizophrenia

The Spine Center


The Cross-Fitness Craze

Cross-Fitness Injury Prevention: Protecting the Lumbar Disc in Squatting Motions

Core Stiffness and Cross Fitness

Functional Integrity of the Pelvis & Hips: Gluteal Activation Enhances Athleticism and Injury Prevention

The Importance of the Thoracic Spine in Shoulder Mechanics


The Power of Turning Pro

Hippocrates on Ethical Practice Management

The State of the Chiropractic Profession

A Chiropractor's Bucket List

This Is Sparta

Gilligan's Island

The Fundamentals of Professionalism

Asymmetrical Warfare: Is Chiropractic Losing the Cyberwar?

A Healthy Disillusionment